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Vernet Invisible Hand - The Device
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Vernet Invisible Hand - The Device
Vernet Invisible Hand - The Device
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The Invisible Hand gives you thousands of possibilities for amazing miracles. You can vanish, change colors, sizes or shapes of different objects, cut and restore a rope, etc. You can show your hands before and after the effect.  It is useful either in close up, parlor or stage. 


You may also want the Invisible Hand Kit of Attachments and Accesories to help bring your magic to the next level.

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The Invisible Hand by Michel 3 DVD Set
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With this 3 DVD Set, you will learn from the master himself to perform 29 effects in close up, parlor or stage magic that are made possible by this amazing device. 3 hours long.
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The Invisible Hand allows you to perform a multiple of close-up 
magic tricks. New name for an older device originally known as Hold