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Vernet Little Finger Tip - Pack of 12
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Vernet Little Finger Tip - Pack of 12
Vernet Little Finger Tip - Pack of 12
Item #: V14383
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Among the many great routines that can be accomplished using this subtle device is the popular vanishing silk effect. Magician stuffs the silk into his fist, a magic pass, and the hand is opened to reveal the silk has vanished! Great for your favorite salt effect. Need to switch one bill for another? Vernet's Little Fingertip does this and much more! The most realistic looking fingertip on the market. Made of a special material that fits better and lasts longer! Pack of 12.


It is also suitable as a Thumb tip for teenagers.

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Little finger tip for several tricks. Also suitable as a Thumb Tip 
for children or teenagers. Pack of 12.