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Vernet Pancho the Picking Duck
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Vernet Pancho the Picking Duck
Vernet Pancho the Picking Duck
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Pancho The Pickin' Duck is a delightfully and updated version of the classic 'Card Duck' or 'Gwendolyn', done with an especially made puppet in brightly colored quality card. One by one, Pancho can reveal any number of chosen cards. For kids' shows using alphabet cards, Pancho can pick out any chosen word. He can spell out the name of the birthday child. By using numbered cards he can successfully reveal the total of an addition. Perfect for those who like to mix ventriloquism and magic!  Suitable for stage or close up.  Completely self contained.

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One by one, Pancho the duck can reveal any number of chosen cards.  
Excellent for kids shows, ventriloquism, close-up or stage.