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Water Suspension Vase (Wonder)
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Water Suspension Vase (Wonder)
Water Suspension Vase (Wonder)
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The magician displays a black plastic vase and fills it with water.  He places the provided piece of black plastic, or a waterproof card, over the open end of the vase and then turns it upside down. Amazingly, the water remains suspended inside the water pot. "That's science," the magician says, explaining that a principle of physics makes the feat possible.

"This, on the other hand, is magic," the magician continues, removing the card from the open end of water pot. Amazingly, the water remains suspended! When it is turned upright, the water is poured out of it, and everything is as it began.

The trick is nearly self working, and provides plenty of opportunities for comedy.  Supplied complete with everything you need.

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Cover the the vase with the plastic card provided, or any waterproof 
card, turn it over... and the liquid does not come out! The trick is 
nearly self working, and provides plenty of opportunities for 
comedy. Supplied complete.