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Coin Bank Box (FT- Wonder)
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Coin Bank Box (FT- Wonder)
Coin Bank Box (FT- Wonder)
Item #: 21023 (M9-12-2)
Unit: Each

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The best way to store your money!  An object appears to be floating in this perfectly crafted illusion. When coins are put in the magical bank box, they vanish! Only the person who owns the box knows how to open it! A great gift for all ages! You can also use this beautiful box to produce or vanish small items or even an 18" silk!  Instructions included.


Comes in assorted red and blue colors with the floating object inside being either a strawberry, an airplane or a magical sphere.

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The Mysterious Coin Bank - Coins Vanish & small objects float 
inside. Tricky to open too! Comes in different colors with the 
floating object inside being either a strawberry, an airplane or a 
magical sphere. Assorted colors and designs.