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X-Ray Resistant Cards (Astor)
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X-Ray Resistant Cards (Astor)
X-Ray Resistant Cards (Astor)
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Six blank white Experiment Cards and a Prediction Card are presented to the audience, all of which can be fully examined.  A SPECTATOR sketches a simple drawing on an Experiment Card.  Without looking, and with great effect, The PERFORMER then draws THE SAME drawing on the Prediction Card.  See Astor the Magician demonstrate this effect here.


All drawings made with a white board marker can be cleaned off completely, and the trick repeated.  Easy to do, no force, no stooge, all cards examinable.  Includes Cards, card holder, marker and instructional video download. 


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A mental effect done with six blank white Experiment Cards and a 
Prediction Card. A spectator sketches on a card, and then without 
seeing it, you draw the same drawing. Easy to do, no force, all 
cards are examinable.