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You Are the Star - Spelling Trick
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You Are the Star - Spelling Trick
You Are the Star - Spelling Trick
Item #: 19862 (M9-16-4)
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With no attempt at modest, You’re the Star is the BEST spelling card trick ever.
1. It uses large, colorful, fun picture cards.
2. it plays the kid against the parent, teacher, or principal -- all in fun.
3. Both the kid and the adult end up stars (with STAR cards), with the tables turned on the performer (Clown card).

Effect: The magician explains that he learned to spell using large spelling cards. As simple animal names are spelled, the magician moves the cards, one for each letter, and discards the animal when it is spelled correctly. The child is always right; the adult always ends up with a clown card. After five animals cards are discarded, the magician decides that since he is the star of the show, they will spell the word “star". He ends up with a clown card and both of his helpers end up holding "STAR" cards. They are the "Star" of the show!

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"You’re the Star" is the BEST spelling card trick ever.  Large, 
colorful, fun picture cards.  All in fun, it plays the child against 
the parent, teacher, or principal. Everyone ends up a STAR at some 
point in the routine.