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You'd Be Surprised by R. Parrish and J. Goodrum
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You'd Be Surprised by R. Parrish and J. Goodrum
You'd Be Surprised by R. Parrish and J. Goodrum
Item #: BK14765 (L9-2-3)
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By Robert Parrish and John Goodrum.  Illustrated by Nelson Hahne.  Originally published in 1938 by Max Holden. Republished in 1963 by Tannen's, with new material in addition to that listed below. Teaches over 36 of the best magical effects, including 'One Man Sealed Message Reading System,' one of the finest tricks ever devised. 


Card And Mental Magic:  The Real Coincidence Trick; Telephone Telepathy; Telephone Telepathy Again; Alias Divination; Magazine Miracle; Strange Interlude; A Slate-Writing Method; Slate Psychics; The Ultimate One Man Sealed Message Reading System; "Predetermination"; And a Routine; An Improved Four Ace Routine; Selective Card in Pocket; Si Stebbins Up the Sleeve; The Perfect Card Routine


Mostly Manipulative - With GlassesGlass of Liquid from Card Fan; Some Glassy Ideas; Glasses, Glasses, Everywhere!; The Pause that Refreshes; Drunkard's Dream; A Glass Routine


ThimblesDuo Color Change; Continuous Color Changing Thimble Production; Lost and Found; The Passing Thimbles Again; The Super Thimble Vanish; A Nu-Idea Thimble Holder; A Contrast Screen; A Thimble Routine; A Coin, a Match and a Thimble


Miscellaneous MagicThe Flying Light Bulb; The Ideal Hank Box; Spello; A Sleight of Hand Rope Method; P and G Cut and Restored Ribbon; A Magical "Flash" Routine

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Teaches 36 effects: 15 Card and Mentalism Magic, 6 Mostly 
Manipulative Magic with Glass, 9 Thimble Magic, and 6 Miscellaneous 
tricks. 66 page illustrated book by Robert Parrish & John Goodrum. 
Old stock sold as is.