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Zebra Silk Blendo
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Zebra Silk Blendo
Zebra Silk Blendo
Item #: Z21230
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Two great magic effects in one:

Effect 1: The magician shows two differently colored silks and magically changes them into a single "zebra" silk with diagonal stripes.   
Effect 2: The magician shows a "zebra" silk, and magically changes it into two solid colored silks.
• 100% pure silk.
• This is an original Alberto Sitta item and the quality is second to none.
• The three 24" (60 cm) silks necessary for the effect are supplied.
• The effect can be accomplished by using any apparatus (sold separately) that can perform a change such as: change bags, devil’s hank).

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The two separate, black and white, silks are magically bound 
together and combined into a single silk with diagonal black and 
white stripes. 24" silks.