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Egg - Solid Plastic (FT) - 2" - Pack of 12
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Egg - Solid Plastic (FT) - 2" - Pack of 12
Egg - Solid Plastic (FT) - 2" - Pack of 12
Item #: E20372
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These are imitation plastic eggs about 2 inches in size. The Eggs are made of solid plastic and are not hollow inside and will not break or damage if dropped or misused and last much longer than painted wooden eggs. They have the weight, look and feel of a real egg. Use it with Egg bags, Change Bags or produce them from your mouth or thin air or for any effect requiring an imitation Egg. Pack of 12.

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Plastic eggs about 2 inches in size.  Made of solid plastic and not 
hollow inside. THEY Will not easily break or damage if dropped or 
misused and last much longer than painted wooden eggs. Pack of 12.