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Cups and Balls Magic Tricks for All Levels
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Cups and Balls - Mini Plastic 100 sets (FT)
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Cups and Balls - Mini Plastic 100 sets (FT)
Cups and Balls - Mini Plastic 100 sets (FT)
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A miniature set of plastic cups and balls measuring only 1.5" in diameter and 1.5" high. (The pen in the photo is for size comparison.)  This famous effect is one of the greatest offerings in magic. Balls are caused to appear and disappear under the cups. Finally, all the balls gather under one cup!  So convenient to carry, and you can use it perform an automatic Cups & Balls routine (requiring no sleights).  Box of 100, including instructions.  

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Cups and Balls Tutor Booklet
18313 (L3-3-4)
This 24 page illustrated booklet covers all the basic moves for the classic Cups & Balls effect, and includes several routines.
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Mendoza Cups and Balls Routine by J. Mendoza (MMC)
14621 (L8-3-1)
Mendoza's take on the cups and balls routine.
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Benatar, Elegant Cups And Balls - DVD
Benatar teaches magic using cups and balls.
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Cups and Balls - Library of Magic Vol. 3
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This book covers basic cup and balls routines.
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Greater Magic Video Library - Cups and Balls
Greater Magic Video Library. This DVD teaches how to perform the cups and balls routine.
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Cups and Balls Magic by T. Osborne
14508 (L3-3-4.M28-7-1)
60 pages of simple and advanced cups and balls tricks.
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Royal Cups and Balls
A plastic version of the classic magic trick.
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Secrets - Cups And Balls DVD
This DVD teaches the best cups and balls related tricks.
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Cups and Balls - Aluminum - Small (FT)
3 spun Aluminium cups in a high glaze silver nickel finish, complete with crocheted balls and a printed illustrated tutor to teach you the basics of handling the props, along with simple and more advanced routines. 3" high x 2.75" diameter.
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A 1.5" x 1.5" miniature plastic version of the classic magic trick. 
Box of 100.  For smaller hands, or for pocket magic.