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Magis Mentor 2014 Card Trick
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Magis Mentor 2014 Card Trick
Magis Mentor 2014 Card Trick
Item #: 20378 (M13-2-2)
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From the amazing mind of Wade Lester comes an ingenious feat of mentalism that seems completely fair and yet, is totally mind-boggling! Have your spectator freely select one of five ESP cards and place it into their pocket. Taking a business card out of your pocket, and ask them to take out their cell phone and dial the phone number on the business card. A pre-recorded voice mail, or a live person will then correctly identify the ESP card they have selected!  This product works in the continental U.S. only.

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Spectator selects 1 of 5 ESP cards, then uses their cell phone to 
call a number on your business card. A pre-recorded voice mail, or a 
live person, identifies the ESP card they have selected! Works in 
the continental US only.