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Vanishing Milk Pitcher PRO (Bazar De Magia)
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Vanishing Milk Pitcher PRO (Bazar De Magia)
Vanishing Milk Pitcher PRO (Bazar De Magia)
Item #: 20401 (M2-10-2)
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This pitcher empties on its own!!! Milk is poured and then vanishes into a paper cone, a hat or a child's ear.  A pitcher of some 2 liters can be emptied in seconds!!! This milk pitcher version is easily disassembled and cleaned.  Vanishing Milk Pitcher Pro does not need any funnel and has got an easy-to-clean removable magnet gimmick.  Reset is automatic.  Dimensions approximately 8.5 " tall x 5" wide.

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This 2 liter pitcher empties on its own, in seconds! Milk is poured 
and then vanishes Can be emptied in seconds! Easily disassembled and 
cleaned.  Does not need funnel. Reset is automatic.  Dimensions 
approximately 8.5" tall x 5" wide.