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Zig Zag Trick Set (FT)
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Zig Zag Trick Set (FT)
Zig Zag Trick Set (FT)
Item #: 21807 (M25-6-3)
Unit: Each

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Zig Zag tricks where something is cut, and the pieces separated, then restored, are a craze, ever since the first Sawing a Lady appeared on stage. It is the type of effect audiences identify with real magic.

This set has three of the best Zig Zag effects to date, in one economical set. There is the classic Zig Zag Pencil (originally sold at more than 3 times the price of this complete set), the Zig Zag Card, and the Zig Zag Rope, in an attractive box packed set, complete with instructions.


All the tricks are very easy to do, and this is an ideal set for your use or for your collection, or as a gift to a budding magician.

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Zig Zag Pencil (Empire)
21732 (M25-7-2)
A pencil is magically divided into three pieces, then made whole again. Pencil can be examined before and at the end. (Each/blister card)
Out of Stock

Zig Zag Rope (Empire)
21600 (M25-6-3.4)
"Cut" the rope into two pieces then restore the rope!
Out of Stock

Magic Pencil (Astor)
20765 (M13-15-3)
Magician uses pencil to pierce and then tear in half a borrowed bill, then restores bill. Next, the magician slowly and visibly penetrates the banknote with pencil. It's restored again. Easy to do.
In Stock

Pocket Cutting a Lady in Half (FT)
20695 (M16-8-1)
Cut the picture in half and it is magically restored.
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Mismade Prediction Tear (FT)
20318 (M14-14-3)
The magician's prediction is the four of diamonds. He asks the spectator to check his chosen card. It is the five of diamonds. The paper is completely restored with the 5th diamond pip now in the correct position to match the spectator’s selection.
In Stock

Pocket Zig Zag Lady (FT)
19780 (M16-9-2)
The picture is split into thirds and restored.
In Stock

Zig Zag Card (Royal)
12013 (M18-5-3)
The card is cut and placed back together.
Out of Stock

Ultra Change Card Pedestal (FT)
12382 (M23-4-2)
A card is ripped in many pieces, then restored, except for: the small torn piece that was given to an audience member! This device has many magical uses.
Out of Stock

Zig Zag Rope Trick (Wonder Rope) (FT)
14820 (M25-14-2)
The rope is placed in the device, cut in the middle and restored in the blink of an eye. Easy to do.
Out of Stock

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The pages go from blank, to black and white to color in seconds!
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Coffee Vase (FT)
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The Coffee Vase is a classic prop, originally designed to change Coffee Beans to drinkable liquid Coffee. It is a very versatile prop for changing solid or liquid items.
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Magician Tricky Top Hat
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At any time during your act, show the hat empty, then produce a variety of items, like silks, rope, sponge balls and more.
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DLite Dazzle White Pairs Regular Size
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Your hands appear to be empty, yet bright flashing lights appear and disappear at your command. D'Lite Dazzle is stunning. If you thought D'Lite got attention, wait until you see Dazzle. One regular pair - white.
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Zig Zag tricks where something is cut, and the pieces 
separated, then restored, are a craze, ever since the first Sawing a 
Lady appeared on stage.