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Adairs Window Prediction (FT)
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Adairs Window Prediction (FT)
Adairs Window Prediction (FT)
Item #: 20267 (M1-6-1)
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A card is freely selected from an examined, shuffled deck. Performer slides it into a small board folder which has a window cut-out on its front. Spectators see the back of the chosen card at all times.  Moments later when the card is slowly and visibly removed, there printed boldly within the window area (plain & blank before) is a written prediction of a card.  When the selected card is reversed, it matches the prediction.


No forces (the choice is 100% free and fair) and easy to do.  Included is the Window folder and the necessary gimmicked Bicycle cards.  You will need your own matching red back Bicycle deck to perform this trick.

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Freely selected card appears as a written prediction inside a small 
folder.  Easy to do.